Professions & Professionalism vol. 13 publisert

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En ny utgave av tidsskriftet Professions & Professionalism er publisert – Vol. 13 (Nr. 1-2023)

Utgaven inneholder disse artiklene:

Anna Mountford-Zimdars & Jeffrey K. Grim:
The Power of Professors and Professionals: How Professions Shape Organizational Systems in Elite University Admissions

Timothy Mickleborough, Linda Muzzin, & Maria Athina Martimianakis:
Governing Professionals Through Discourses of Resilience and Value: A New Legitimation for Ontario Pharmacists

Marie Leth Meilvang:
Working the Boundaries of Social Work: Artificial Intelligence and the Profession of Social Work

Annica Löfdahl Hultman & Håkan Löfgren:
Narratives of Teachers and Teacher Unions in Swedish Facebook Rebellion Groups

Stephen Sirris: Old Wine in New Wineskins:
Professionalism and Managerialism in the Performance Appraisal Interviews of Pastors in the Church of Norway

Gro Mathias & Øyvind Førland Standal:
The Psychosocial in Norwegian Teacher Education in Light of Epistemic Objects and Therapeutic Culture

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