Professions and Professionalism ute med spesialutgave om helsetjenester

Tidsskriftet Professions and Professionalism er med nytt nummer Vol 5, No 1 (2015): Special Issue: Professional Satisfaction and the Quality of Medical Care

Fra innholdet:
Berit Bringedal: Guest Editor's Introduction

Lawrence P. Casalino & Francis J. Crosson: Physician Satisfaction and Physician Well-Being: Should Anyone Care?

Peter Angerer & Matthias Weigl: Physicians' Psychosocial Work Conditions and Quality of Care: A Literature Review

Francis J. Crosson & Lawrence P. Casalino: Physician Dissatisfaction in the United States: An Examination

Thomas Robert Konrad: Measures, Methods, and Models of Doctor Satisfaction: Future Research Challenges

Magne Nylenna, Øyvind Andresen Bjertnaes, Ingrid S. Saunes & Anne Karin Lindahl: What is Good Quality of Health Care?

Mark Exworthy: The Iron Cage and the Gaze: Interpreting Medical Control in the English Health System

Olaf Gjerløw Aasland: Healthy Doctors - Sick Medicine

Ruth McDonald: Beyond Binaries: Reflections and a Suggestion on the Subject of Medical Professional Satisfaction

Jenny Firth-Cozens: Doctor Satisfaction and the Effects on Quality - Discussion

Donald W. Light: Alienation and Stress among Doctors: Dilemmas and Possible Solutions

Per Arne Tufte: Some Remarks on Effect Studies of Physician Dissatisfaction

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