Ethics & International Affairs: Issue on autonomous lethal weapons

Ethics and international Affairs 37 3 cover
Ethics and international Affairs 37 3 cover*
The fall 23 issue of the journal Ethics & International Affairs, focuses on lethal autonomous weapons. The highlight of this issue is a roundtable organized by Josephine Jackson on global governance and lethal autonomous weapons systems (LAWS), featuring contributions by Josephine Jackson, David A. Deptula, Arun Seraphin and Wilson Miles, Mary Ellen O’Connell, Esther D. Reed, and Anthony F. Lang Jr. Additionally, the issue includes a feature article by Neil Renic and Elke Schwarz on autonomous weapons and the moral challenge of systematic killing. The issue also contains a review essay by Dominic Lenzi on a just climate future, and book reviews by Lonneke Peperkamp, Lauren Sukin, and Timothy M. Peterson.

The journal is published by Cambridge University Press.
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