Profesjonstidsskrift med spesialnummer: Artists and Professionalism

Tidsskriftet Professions & Professionalism har kommet med Vol 5, No 2 (2015), som er et spesialnummer med tema Artists and Professionalism

Dette nummeret inneholder:
Marita Flisbäck & Anna Lund: Guest Editors' Introduction
Lennart G. Svensson: Occupations and Professionalism in Art and Culture
Stina Bergman Blix: Professional Emotion Management as a Rehearsal Process
Clayon Childress & Alison Gerber: The MFA in Creative Writing: The Uses of a "Useless" Credential
Marita Flisbäck & Anna Lund: Artists' Autonomy and Professionalization in a New Cultural Policy Landscape
Sofia Lindström: Constructions of Professional Subjectivity at the Fine Arts College
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