Professions and Professionalism Vol 6 released

Professions and Professionalism has just published its latest issue—Vol 6, No 1 (2016)—at The journal has now published five volumes since the launch in 2011.

Editorial: Five volumes published. Jens-Christian Smeby

Articles: The Development of Self-Regulation in Four UK Professional Communities. Stan Lester Discourses in Residential Child Care and Possibilities for Evidence-Based Practice. Monika Reime “She isn’t Someone I Associate with Pension”—a Vignette Study of Professional Reasoning. Marie Østergaard Møller How Triage Nurses Use Discretion: a Literature Review. Lars Emil Fagernes Johannessen Teachers’ Working Conditions amid Swedish School Choice Reform: Avenues for Further Research. Karolina Åsa Parding, Anna Berg-Jansson

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