Conference: Power and Politics – Perspectives on Taxation and State Building in Africa

Sted: Bergen

Starter: 01. september 2022
Slutter: 02. september 2022

TaxCapDev conference
TaxCapDev conference*
The conference adopts power and politics as central lenses to understand and explore the future of taxation and reforms in the Global South, with a particular focus on Africa. Across two days, the sessions explore the role of powerful interest groups and elites in shaping the fiscal state and tax policies, how norms, trust, and enforcement affect peoples’ attitudes towards taxation and the state, as well as how the legacy of historical political institutions may impact on current and future development.

Two-day in-person conference in Bergen, Norway, is hosted by CMI and the TaxCapDev-network, with support from the Research Council of Norway and the Nordic Tax Research Council. We aim to establish a platform for exchange of knowledge and experiences to explore new and more nuanced perspectives on the tax for development agenda. The programme includes a keynote by James Robinson and panel discussions and presentations from researchers, policymakers, tax practitioners and civil society organizations. ­See the whole programme here.

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