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Utlysing av PhD i høyere utdanning ved University of KwaZulu-Natal, Sør-Afrika

University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) lyser ut PhD i høyere utdanning ved School of Education, Higher Education Training and Development (HETD), UKZN i Durban i Sør-Afrika. Fulltids studium for studenter – lokale og internasjonale – på universitetet er undervisning gratis. Preferanse vil bli gitt til de som er interessert i områdene ledelse og styring som en del av det felles initiativ mellom UKZN og flere andre institusjoner inkludert universitetene i Tampere og Helsinki, og Uganda Management Institute og Makerere (Uganda).
Original utlysingstekst på engelsk:
The PhD program, administered by Higher Education Training and Development (HETD), covers extensive areas in higher education including aspects of teaching and learning; management and leadership; policy studies; institutional research; professional and support services; and issues related to education in disciplines, among others. Applications are now invited from interested and prospective applicants for PhD in Higher Education program in 2014 at the School of Education, UKZN, Durban, South Africa.
I—Modalities: Modalities of the study under consideration:Students may register for Full-time or Part-time study
  1. All students will be part of a cohort group which meets at least six times a year over a 3-day weekend for a 3-year period.
  2. At least four of the six 3-day weekend seminars will be extended over 7 to 10 days, that is, overlapping the 3-day weekend.
  3. Weekend seminar attendance is mandatory for all students.
  4. Full-time students and UKZN staff will receive fee remission for the first three years of the programme.
  5. In 2014 international students from across Africa and other countries will also be part of the cohort together with South African students.

II—Eligibility: A relevant master’s degree with a minimum average of 60 per cent from a recognized and accredited institution.

International students are required to submit their qualification to the South African Qualifications Authority (// for evaluation. Only once the foreign qualification is evaluated as equivalent to a master’s degree and the student meets the minimum requirement can s/he be accepted for study and register at UKZN.

III—Seminars and Lectures: Experts in higher education from South Africa, Africa, Europe and elsewhere will be offering mandatory lectures, seminars, and workshops during the seminar weekends.

Students may be required to attend or take additional master’s modules depending on the research topic and their research education and training background to address any relevant knowledge and/or research gaps.

IV—Completion: Students are supported as a cohort by a group of supervisors together with their assigned supervisor/s to complete in a 3-year period, which is the length of time for which the seminar-based cohort model runs.

Full time students who do not finish during the 3-year period will be liable for continuation fees.

V—Recruitment: For the 2014 cohort, 30 students will be selected for the programme. Approximately half will be selected from South Africa and the rest will be from neighbouring SADC countries, Africa and elsewhere.

For international applicants, preference will be given to those interested in areas of leadership and management as part of the joint initiative between UKZN and several other institutions including Universities of Tampere and Helsinki (Finland), Uganda Management Institute and Makerere (Uganda).

VI—Fees: A differential non-refundable application fee is payable:

  1. South African students: R 175
  2. Students from Africa: R 420
  3. Students from outside Africa: USD 130.

Tuition fee for part-time students for the first year is R 19,520; fee for subsequent years is R 3,060. [Fees are subject to change without notice. Note: R 10 is equivalent to USD 1.)

VII—Application and Inquiries: Application and inquires may be sent to Dr. Saras Reddy at and Ms. Bongi Bongekile Additional information is separately attached.

HETD, the host of the International Network for Higher Education in Africa—founded at the Center for International Higher Education, at Boston College more than a decade ago—is expanding its portfolio in higher education teaching, research, communication and advocacy in Africa. General inquiries may be directed to the leader of the unit, Professor Damtew Teferra at

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