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New Issue of Professions and Professionalism – No 2 – 2016

A new issue of Professions and Professionalism has been published. You can download all articles free of charge on the journal website:

Table of Content Vol 6, No 2 (2016): Special Issue: Professional-Citizen Relations

Gitte Sommer Harrits and Lars Thorup Larsen: Introduction to Special Issue

Lars Thorup Larsen: No Third Parties. The Medical Profession Reclaims Authority in Doctor-Patient Relationships

Aukje Leemeijer and Margo Trappenburg: Patient Centered Professionalism? Patient Participation in Mental Health Professional Frameworks

Barbara Fersch: Welfare Service Professionals, Migrants, and the Question of Trust. A Danish Case

Gitte Sommer Harrits: Being Professional and Being Human. Professional’s Sensemaking in the Context of Close and Frequent Interactions with Citizens

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